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Moving beyond user Personas

While working in research, innovation, and product design, I've often found myself being asked to work with Personas. They are ubiquitous, regarded as a key tool for empathy and design. However, I believe it's time to take a closer look at them, to expand beyond them, to find new ways of representing and creating for our users. While I believe in the purpose behind Personas - to connect with people, ...


What is a hygiene sprint and why is it important for designers?

Having multiple designers on a team is awesome. You get feedback easily as everyone has the same context, you can bounce ideas off each other when stuck, and generally have a great time designing together.


How to improve your design-development collaboration

In my career as a product designer so far, I've learnt that creating a strong relationship with the engineers in the team is one of the most important elements for success. I’ve really enjoyed working closely alongside, and learning from, the developers and engineers on the teams I’ve been a part of, and it’s great to be able to work directly with the people building what I’m designing. From conversations ...


Designing for the Interfaceless World

The rapid evolution of digital products and internet connection speed has meant that, throughout the world, more people are able to easily access the web and connect with others than ever before. While huge digital inequality still exists, for many of us gone are the days when we had to struggle for access to a computer (scheduling time alongside our families, public libraries or at our school) and listen through ...


Remote workshops are awesome for collaboration too

Bringing people together to collaborate, ideate, and make decisions, has long been a central part of how we work and build products at Potato. With remote working and distributed teams taking the central stage in our ways of working, it became quickly apparent we had to learn how to deliver successful remote workshops.

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Building purposeful digital experiences in uncertain times

The world we find ourselves in today is suddenly much different than what we imagined some months ago. Together, we are learning what it means to continuously adapt - finding new ways of working remotely, collaborating, accessing content, shopping.


Creating purposeful digital products is more important than ever – and design is the key

Our lives are surrounded by digital products. With 50% to 98% (depending on the country) of households now being able to access the web (1), and 5.1 billion mobile phone owners worldwide (2), digital has become one of the most important ways in which we interact with the world.